Common Orthodontic Questions

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Teeth Straightening FAQ's

If you have any questions about teeth straightening, it is likely we have been asked it before. Check out the common questions we have been asked here. If you still have questions get in touch and we will get back to you.

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Does the treatment hurt?

How long does treatment take?

Will I need time off school or work?

What do I do if my brace breaks?

What can I do if my brace rubs?

What can I do if the brace hurts?

Will treatment affect my speech?

I play a woodwind / brass instrument. Will it affect my playing?

If I need to have teeth removed, who will do this?

What if I play contact sports?

What happens at the end of active treatment?

Will I still need to go to my regular Dentist?

Will the brace damage my teeth?